Winter Seminar 2019

Getting the Gospel Right:

The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Work of Salvation

An Assessment of the Reformation Approach

with Dr. Ian Hewitson


We are excited to host for a third year our winter seminar. This year, we are glad to welcome Ian Hewitson as our speaker. Refreshments will be out on Friday evening January 11th at 6:00 and the teaching will begin at 6:30 pm until approximately 9:00 pm. We will re-gather on Saturday January 12th at 8:30 am for donuts and coffee and the teaching time will begin at 9:00 am.


We offer yearly seminars on Biblical and Theological topics because we are convinced that it is essential that the church of God be equipped biblically, theologically, and practically for the work of the ministry. This conference is aimed at church members and not just pastors and professors. Come and be challenged to grow!


There is a suggested donation of $15 per person, but all are welcome even if you are unable to give financially.

Topic Summary

"Over the past 40-years Protestant theology has observed the presence of a tension between faith and works associated with the basic Reformation principle of justification by faith alone. On the one side, the tension is such that a vigorous cultivation of obedience and good works on the part of the believer tends to undercut the principle of justification by faith alone, as though something more were required for redemption beyond the obedience of Jesus Christ. On the other side, a proclamation of the Reformation principle sola fide would appear to render superfluous the necessity for obedience, or at least the necessity to insist on obedience as an essential element in the call of the gospel.

In the series of lectures to follow, an attempt will be made to demonstrate that a proper understanding of the relation of faith and works to justification is to be found, not in a further refinement of the ordo salutis, but in an appreciation of the structural significance of the covenant relation between God and man as that unfolds in the course of the history of salvation for an understanding of the application of redemption."


All Nations Baptist Church,

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Dr. Ian Hewitson was born in Jos, Nigeria and spent his formative years in Great Britain. He was awarded the M.A. degree from Westminster Theological Seminary and the Ph.D. degree from Aberdeen University in Scotland. Dr. Hewitson has spent his life both in pastoral ministry and as a university professor of systematic and biblical theology. He is married to Jill, and they have two sons.

Woodcut from:

Descent of the Holy Spirit

Albrecht Dürer (16th century)
The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

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