Spiritual Supplement

“For this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faith …” (2 Peter 1:5)

Exercise and diet have become mantras for fitness and wellness. While for some our diet has improved, often our meals still lack all the vitamin fortifications for a healthy body. My own doctor

has prescribed multiple vitamins as a supplement to my daily meals.

But there is a more important supplement prescribed by the Apostle Peter. The supplement is an additive to faith. (Young’s translation called it a “superadditive”) It is a multi-supplement consisting of virtue (moral goodness), knowledge, self-control, steadfast, godliness, brotherly affection and love. We are expected to expend whatever it takes for us to become more God-like. If you are like me, I often forget to take my daily multiple vitamin but this spiritual vitamin demands special attention that we don’t forget.

The Christian destiny will result in a change in nature. We have been granted the privilege of becoming partakers of the divine nature. As we journey towards that end we should be found at a

great distance from where we first believed having escaped the corruption of our sinful desires through faith in Christ.

Make it your determination for a change in you that leads you to the highest earthly station - agape love. Love for Lord and love for others.

Don’t forget to take your spiritual supplement!

--E.C. Malone 10/16/14

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