Worship with Gladness

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I was glad when they said to me, "Let us go to the house of the LORD!" (Psalm 122:1)

Emotions can be very contagious. How uplifting to be around people who are thrill about something in their life! Joy has a way of permeating the whole person, in smile, in speech, and in step. For the Christian, worship should bring gladness.

I’m often asked what makes people want to join a particular local church. I believe the health of the church is found in what is observed in her members. Spiritually joyful people spread joy around and want others to catch their joy. Churches grow because the members grow in their love for the Lord. They are excited about gathering together around God’s word. They desire God’s blessing within the walls of the building and they are mindful of all members. (See vv.7, 8).

Share your gladness and invite someone out to church this Sunday.

--E.C. Malone 01/23/15

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