Seeing God

"Now the sons of Eli were worthless men. They did not know the LORD." (1Samuel 2:12)

God created men and women in his image. Everyone has value by nature of creation. When Samuel wrote about the sons of Eli, he described them as worthless. A Hebrew word translated Belial, referring a wicked and false god. Later the name become a proper name for Satan. (2 Corinthians 6:15) He said they knew not the Lord. Knowing is not having no factual knowledge of God. They knew the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. What they lacked was an intimate and personal acquaintance with the LORD; and consequently their life manifest such.

Oh how important it is for you and I to engulf our mind into a deep enriching knowledge of God. When we do this we can see God. The primary root of the word “know” is properly ascertaining knowledge by seeing. We know that God is a Spirit and we cannot literal see him with our physical eyes but if we truly learn about him, experientially and through study, our mind’s eye sees the Lord. The person who knows the Lord, regularly has the sense of being overwhelmed by His presence and is thankful.

What are your spiritual eyes like? Can you give testimony of “seeing” LORD? How evident is that knowledge, if great you have a life of value.

Open our eyes, Lord, we want to see Jesus,

to reach out and touch Him, and say that we love Him. (Robert Cull (1976)

--E.C.Malone, 01/15/16

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